Private Lessons


WRC offers private lessons for both individuals or small groups (up to 4 max). Some athletes want rigorous programs, while others just want to learn a new skill. Whatever your situation, we can provide high-quality instruction tailored to your specific goals.

Arranging Lessons

To set up private lessons, follow the steps on the Private Lessons Sign Up page.

Private sessions are 75-minutes and we book in 5-lesson blocks. You can sign up for a single five-lesson block and add as you go or book multiple blocks at once.

If you’ve never sculled and are just looking to learn the very basics, we can tell you that most people do so over the course of about 10 sessions.

Lesson prices for a single 5-lesson block are as follows:
Single: $40/session
Double: $60/session ($30/person)
Quad: $90/session ($22.50/person)